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A place to enjoy warm waves and surfing, Cerrito is a beautiful and sweeping expanse of pristine beaches just south of the farming community of Pescadero. You will find plenty of cliffs on the western end along a crescent-shaped beach that faces the ocean. The turnoff could be located atop a hill at Km. 66 where you will have to pay close attention to the signs, seeing as how there aren’t any signs for the indication of the beach so you might miss it.

You can get to the main spot by driving for about 1.7 miles where a beach area that’s the surfer’s heaven awaits you. As for the popularity of the location, you will find several tents with surfing boards outside that will attest to the popularity of the area. It is worth noticing that the campground is no longer located along the beach’s eastern part. All in all, it’s one awesome location to surf and takes some time off from the world.

Places nearby

El Pescadero
3,8 km
Todo Santos
14,9 km

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