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Do I need proof of a Negative test in order to enter Los Cabos?

As more techniques for covid testing unfolds, you may find yourself wondering which one is the best and most suitable for you.

There are three kinds of tests,

• Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Diagnostic Test
• Antibody test
• Blood test

PCR is a test that is done through a nasal swab while all others are done by taking your blood sample.

So should you wait for the symptoms to appear or get tested already? Should you get tested to check if you’ve had covid already?

When to Get Tested for Covid-19
Whether you have symptoms or not, if you have been exposed to the virus and have been in contact with someone who got infected, you should get tested on an immediate basis.

And people who haven’t been exposed or in contact with an infected person should not get tested.

On average, 5 to 7 days is the incubation period of the virus but it can also go up to 14 days.

So if you get tested too early, the test may appear to be negative. PCR coming out to be positive indicates the detectable RNA viral in your blood.

PCR, after an active virus, can remain positive for several weeks after the viral infection.

An Antibody test indicates whether you have an active infection or have had one in the past.

It takes about a week or so for the body to develop antibodies after the symptoms start.

Therefore, people who have symptoms for 8 days or less are not recommended to get antibodies tests. There is an additional issue with the accuracy of these tests.

According to federal guidelines, a person after having symptoms within 8 to 14 days should get both the tests.

Where to Get Tested?
If you’re a foreigner or a native to Los Cabos, there are tons of places you can get tested for covid.

Almost all the hospitals, laboratories, and clinics are available and are facilitating the tests. However, the cost of these tests varies from place to place.

If you are getting tested for traveling purposes, you should get your tests within three days of the departure flight.

What to Do in Case You Get a Positive Test
If you just tested positive for covid and are a healthy individual, it is recommended that you stay at home and isolate yourself.

Most people have mild illnesses and are well capable of recovering at home. Avoid public areas and only go out when in need of medical assistance.

Stay in touch with your doctor and take care of yourself.

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