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Arrival and Departure Protocols

While covid-19 has totally flipped the world upside down, travel restrictions and accommodation protocols have immensely changed depending on country to country.

Travel & Accommodation Guidelines

Los Cabos has updated its arrival and departure protocols so foreigners or native people have a clear understanding while traveling in and out of the town.

There are new and updated entry requirements due to the global pandemic. Now that the world has coped up with the loss and damage and is now going back to how things worked, it is crucial for countries to make the restrictions lighter for traveling and tourism purposes.

Before you board your plane, you should complete all of the three steps. Those are,

Filling out the questionnaire regarding possible risk factors
Submitting the questionnaire of identification of risk factors in travelers is still required by the federal aviation agency. Upon arrival, the agency expects you to submit this form.

You will have to copy the QR code that appears after completing the process and you will be required to present the respective code after reaching the security gate to the federal agents.

• Filling out the official entry forms
There is a Multiple Immigration Form that is a must requirement for all foreign travelers traveling to Mexico.

Although some airlines do not offer and hand out such forms, it is highly recommended that you fill these forms out beforehand online. It is important for the document filled online to be printed double-sided.

• Filling out the customs declaration form
Before arriving in Mexico, it is vital for you to fill out the respective form and present it upon arrival to the customs officer.

You will, similar to the questionnaire, be given a QR code on filling the form which you should copy and present the code at customs. You are also allowed to fill out the document online as well.

Similar to the arrival protocols, there are departure protocols as well for Los Cabos. The four steps that you should be familiar with are,

• Filling out the risk factor questionnaire
Similar to the arrival one, you will be required to fill out this form and save the QR code to present it at the security gate to the federal agents.

• Getting a negative test for COVID-19 and filling out an attestation form
No matter which airline you chose, you will be required to give a negative test to the airline you are traveling out through.

The tes5t must fall within 72 hours of the departing flight, or else in case of more than 72 hours, you will have to get tested again.

A written attestation form is submitted to the U.S Government through the respective airline, claiming that you tested negative for the virus.

• Multiple Immigration Form
All foreign citizens must present the multiple immigration form that was provided to them on arrival when departing.

• Completing all the required procedures of the airline
All airlines work according to their own suitability thus, have their own procedures and additional protocols.

Ensure before traveling that you have all the required documents and forms.

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